Which of the Following Statements About Depreciation is Correct

Which of the Following Statements About Depreciation is Correct

What is the Depreciation of Building?

Depreciation of Building refers to the process of reducing the recorded cost of a edifice in an organized mode till the fourth dimension when the value of the edifice either becomes zero or reaches its save value. It allows us to map the revenue (say in the form of lease rental) generated during a catamenia to the corresponding expenses.

rate of depreciation
The depreciation rate is the per centum rate at which an asset depreciates during its estimated useful life. Information technology can also be defined as the pct of a visitor’south long-term investment in an asset that the firm claims as a tax-deductible expense throughout the asset’s useful life.
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for different types of building are categorized into the following 3 charge per unit buckets, every bit shown beneath:

  • 5% Depreciation Rate:
    The buildings that fall nether the category of residential premises are depreciated at the rate of five% nether the income revenue enhancement act. Buildings used for residential purposes except for boarding houses and hotels fall in this category. A building is considered to exist used for residential purposes only if more than 66.66% of the built-up floor expanse is used for residential purposes.
  • 10% Depreciation Rate: All other types that don’t fall under the category of residential premises are depreciated at the rate of 10% nether the income tax human action.
  • 100% Depreciation Rate:
    Buildings mainly used for installing machinery and plants that form part of the h2o handling arrangement and water supply project autumn under this special category. Further, wooden structures and tin sheds also fall nether this category equally they are purely temporary erections. These are depreciated at a special rate of 100%.

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How to Calculate it?

Pace 1:
Firstly, determine the depreciable basis for the building nether consideration. (Take the assist of a qualified auditor or an external appraiser to ascertain the depreciable ground for the building.) If the property price is a combination of both buildings and land, and then it can be derived past deducting the purchase consideration of the land from the overall amount paid, as shown below. Besides, yous tin deduct the building’s salve value (if available) for a precise valuation.

The Depreciable Basis for Edifice = Overall Combined Price – Purchase Consideration of Land – Salvage Value of Edifice

Step 2:
Next, determine the depreciation rate category based on the belongings’south nature. It would be either 5%, 10%, or 100%, which would be used to calculate the annual depreciation of the edifice. The depreciation rate tin also be calculated as the reciprocal of the
useful life
Useful life is the estimated fourth dimension period for which the asset is expected to be functional and can be put to apply for the company’south core operations. It serves as an important input for computing depreciation for assets which affects the profitability and carrying value of the assets.
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of the asset.

Charge per unit of Depreciation = ane / Useful Life

Step iii:
Next, multiply the rate of depreciation and the depreciable basis for the building to derive the annual depreciation of the building, every bit shown below.

Depreciation of Building = Rate of Depreciation * Depreciable Basis for Building

Step 4:
Finally, capture the almanac depreciation in the income statement to
calculate EBIT
EBIT is a profitability tool used to measure the operating Profits of a Company. You can calculate it either past, EBIT = Gross Sales – Company Expenses & Cost of Goods Sold, Or, EBIT = Total Profit + Interest + Taxes.
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(earnings earlier interest and revenue enhancement). Information technology is very important data for taxation filing.


Let’southward discuss the following examples for better understanding.

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You can download this Depreciation of Building Excel Template here – Depreciation of Edifice Excel Template

Instance #ane

Let us take the simple case of a building bought for $100,000 and is estimated to have a
salvage value
Salvage value or scrap value is the estimated value of an asset after its useful life is over. For example, if a company’s machinery has a 5-twelvemonth life and is only valued $5000 at the finish of that time, the salvage value is $5000.
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of $eight,000. Determine the almanac depreciation of the building if the applicable rate of depreciation is 10%.



  • Purchase price = $100,000
  • Save value = $8,000
  • Charge per unit of depreciation = 5%

At present, the depreciable ground of the building can be calculated every bit,

Example 1.1

Depreciable Basis = $100,000 – $eight,000 = $92,000

Now, the calculation volition exist –

Depreciation of Building Example 1

= $92,000 * x% = $9,200

Instance #2

Let usa take the instance of a building bought past XDE Inc. to illustrate the concept of depreciation. The property was bought for $300,000, including the purchase toll of the land, which is $100,000. The building is estimated to take a useful life of 20 years, and at the end of the 20 years, the building is expected to accept a salve value of $10,000. Determine the annual depreciation of the building based on the given information.



  • Overall combined cost = $300,000
  • Buy consideration of state = $100,000
  • Salve value of edifice = $10,000
  • Useful life = 20 years

At present, the rate of depreciation can be calculated every bit,

Example 2

Charge per unit of depreciation = one / twenty = 5%

At present, the depreciable basis of the building can be calculated as,

Depreciation of Building Example 2.1

The depreciable = $300,000 – $100,000 – $10,000 = $190,000

Now, calculation volition be –

Example 2.2

=$190,000 * 5% = $ix,500

Effects on the Financial Statements

  • Debit
    Debit represents either an increment in a company’south expenses or a decline in its revenue.

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    to depreciation expense results in a reduction of the net income, which somewhen results in lower
    retained earnings
    Retained Earnings are defined equally the cumulative earnings earned by the company till the date afterwards adjusting for the distribution of the dividend or the other distributions to the investors of the visitor. Information technology is shown every bit the part of owner’s disinterestedness in the liability side of the remainder sheet of the company.
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    and shareholder equity.
  • Credit to
    accumulated depreciation
    The accumulated depreciation of an nugget is the amount of cumulative depreciation charged on the asset from its buy date until the reporting date. It is a contra-account, the difference between the nugget’s purchase price and its carrying value on the residual sheet.
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    results in a reduction in the
    carrying value
    Carrying value is the book value of assets in a company’s balance sheet, computed as the original cost less accumulated depreciation/impairments. Information technology is calculated for intangible assets as the actual cost less amortization expense/impairments.
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    of edifice and the number of
    total assets
    Full Assets is the sum of a company’s electric current and noncurrent assets. Total assets likewise equals to the sum of total liabilities and total shareholder funds. Total Avails = Liabilities + Shareholder Disinterestedness
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    on the balance sheet.
  • Depreciation likewise helps in reducing taxable income, which ways lower tax liability.
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So, it is an important part of the
bookkeeping method
Bookkeeping methods define the set of rules and process that an system must attach to while recording the business revenue and expenditure. Cash bookkeeping and accrual accounting are the 2 significant accounting methods.
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that facilitates the maintenance of true profitability in the income statement through systematically converting capitalized assets into expenses.

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This has been a guide to the Depreciation of Building. Hither we discuss the formula for calculating the depreciation of a edifice along with its examples and effects. You tin acquire more about financing from the post-obit articles –

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Which of the Following Statements About Depreciation is Correct

Source: https://www.wallstreetmojo.com/depreciation-of-building/

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