What Effect Will This Adjustment Have on the Accounting Records

What Effect Will This Adjustment Have on the Accounting Records

Adjusting entries are made at the end of a period to update accounts. An adjusting entry affects an income statement and rest canvas account.

This is lesson 3 in our financial accounting serial. These lessons cover the topics in a typical financial accounting grade or principles of accounting ane course.

For all the lessons, see The Ultimate Guide to Larn Fiscal Accounting.


  • The accounting menstruation
  • Greenbacks footing vs. accrual footing
    • Cash basis accounting
    • Accrual footing accounting
  • Adjusting entries example
  • Trial Rest
    • 1. Insurance expense
    • 2. Supplies expense
    • 3. Depreciation expense on equipment
    • 4. Unearned revenue
    • v. Salaries expense
    • 6. Accrued service revenue
  • Adjusted Trial Rest
  • Fiscal Statements
  • Income argument
  • Retained earnings argument
  • Balance sail
  • Greenbacks flow argument
  • Endmost entries
  • 1. Close revenues
  • 2. Close expenses
  • 3. Close income summary
  • 4. Shut dividends
  • Post closing trial rest
  • Accounting Cycle
  • Financial Accounting Lessons

The accounting period

Companies prepare financial statements for months, quarters, and years. An annual financial statement is called an
annual report.

Companies can select their accounting years or
fiscal years. So, Walmart has a year ending on January 31 rather than December 31.

Greenbacks basis vs. accrual basis

Business transactions are recorded using journal entries. At that place are two methods to record transactions in accounting:

  1. Greenbacks basis acconting
  2. Accrual basis accounting

Cash ground accounting

Cash basis accounting records revenue when cash is received from customers. Expenses are recorded when cash is paid. Greenbacks basis cyberspace income is cash revenues minus cash expenses.

The benefit of greenbacks basis is that information technology is simpler and easier to understand. Greenbacks basis is simply advisable for small businesses. In the Us, C corporations cannot use cash basis and must use accrual basis.

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Accrual footing accounting

Accrual basis accounting records revenue when products and services are delivered to customers. Expenses are recorded when they are incurred. The expenses are matched with the revenues that they produce. This is chosen the
matching principle.

Accrual accounting better shows the performance of the company than the cash basis. Accrual basis internet income is less dependent on the timing of cash flows.

Adjusting entries case

At the end of the bookkeeping period, the company makes adjusting entries. These update the accounts.

Assume Parnell, Inc. has the following accounts and account balances for 2022. We volition make the necessary adjusting entries for the end of the year.

Trial Balance

1. Insurance expense

On December 1, Parnell paid for a 12-month insurance policy for $2,400. Brand the adjusting entry for December 31.

The balance of prepaid insurance will be $ii,400 – 200 = $ii,200. The balance of insurance expense is $200.

ii. Supplies expense

During the year, the visitor purchased supplies of $9,720. At the end of the year, the visitor had an ending balance of $vi,400. Record the adjusting entry for the supplies that were used.

The ending balance of supplies is at present $half-dozen,400. Supplies expense has a $3,320 balance.

iii. Depreciation expense on equipment

On July one, the company purchased equipment for $26,000. It has an expected useful life of 4 years.

Brand the required adjusting entry for the equipment for 2022. Hint: the company used the equipment for six months in 2022.

The depreciation expense remainder is $3,250. The balance of equipment remains $26,000, but the balance of accumulated depreciation is $3,250.

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Accumulated depreciation is a contra business relationship that reduces the residual of the equipment account. So, the net equipment shown on the balance sheet equals equipment $26,000 minus accumulated depreciation $3,250 = $22,750.

4. Unearned acquirement

On Dec 1, customers paid Parnell, Inc. $3,000 in advance for a 3-month contract for consulting. One month has expired on December 31.

Make the adjusting entry to record earning one month of revenue.

Service acquirement balance increases by $1,000 to $six,800. Unearned acquirement decreases to $2,000. Remember unearned revenue is a liability.

5. Salaries expense

At the end of Dec, employees have earned an additional $350. They will be paid in January side by side year. Make the adjusting entry.

Salaries expense balance is now $ane,750. Salaries payable balance is $350.

half-dozen. Accrued service revenue

During December, the company performed services for clients and sent invoices of $vi,500. The clients will pay in January.

Accounts receivable increases from $0 to $vi,500. Service acquirement increases past $6,500.

Adjusted Trial Balance

Subsequently the adjusting entries are made, an adapted trial residuum will listing all the accounts with their new balances.

The financial statements are prepared based on the adjusted trial rest.

Fiscal Statements

Based on the Parnell, Inc. adapted trial balance, the financial statements will be:

  1. income statement
  2. retained earnings argument
  3. balance sail
  4. cash flow statement

The financial statements for Parnell, Inc. are:

Income statement

The format for the income statement is revenues minus expenses. Revenues and expenses are called income statement accounts.

income statement

Parnell has total revenues of $13,600 and full expenses of $9,825. The net income for 2021 is $3,775.

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Retained earnings statement

Retained earnings argument shows the change in retained earnings over the period. The format of the retained earnings argument is:

Commencement retained earnings + cyberspace income – dividends = ending retained earnings

retained earnings statement

Since Parnell was a new company in 2022, beginning retained earnings was $0. The ending retained earnings was $three,575.

Rest canvass

The format for the balance sheet is assets = liabilities + disinterestedness. This is the accounting equation. Assets, liabilities, and disinterestedness are called balance sheet accounts.

The full assets for 2022 were $42,125. Total liabilities were $8,550. The total disinterestedness was $33,575.

Cash menstruation statement

The greenbacks menstruum statement is i of the bones fiscal statements. Considering the cash flow statement is more than complicated than the other financials, it is shown in a later lesson.

Closing entries

At the end of the accounting period, companies make closing entries. The closing entries close the books on the previous period to brainstorm another catamenia.

The steps in the closing procedure are:

  1. Close acquirement accounts
  2. Shut expense accounts
  3. Shut income summary
  4. Close dividends

1. Close revenues

Revenues have a credit remainder. Debiting revenues closes them. And then, service acquirement was debited for $thirteen,300. This makes the residue of service acquirement $0.

2. Shut expenses

3. Close income summary

4. Shut dividends

Postal service closing trial balance

Later the endmost entries, merely assets, liabilities, and equity remain. The ending rest of retained earnings is $3,575.

Later the closing procedure is complete, the company can outset the new year’s day in January 2023.

Accounting Bike

The accounting cycle shows the steps to ready financial statements. Hither are the steps in the accounting cycle:

Footstep Accounting Cycle Caption
1 Analyze transactions examine source documents
2 Journalize make the journal entries
3 Post to ledger calculate the balance of each account
four Unadjusted trial balance listing all the accounts with debit/credit balance
5 Adjusting entries make the cease of period adjusting entries
6 Adapted trial residuum trial balance later on the adjusting entries
vii Financial statements income statement, residuum sheet, greenbacks flow statement
8 Closing entries closes revenues, expenses, and dividends to nil
9 Post closing trial residue trial balance afterwards the closing entries
10 Reversing entries optional, not required

Steps ane-3 are completed during the accounting period. Steps 4-9 are made at the terminate of the menstruation.

What Effect Will This Adjustment Have on the Accounting Records

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