Primary Care of the Treasure Coast Patient Portal

Primary Care of the Treasure Coast Patient Portal

Practise Updates


The COVID-19 vaccines accept started to get available in our expanse. At this time, our role does Not have any supply of vaccine, nor do we have the power to schedule anyone’s vaccines. Delight click the post-obit link to review information regarding available vaccine locations, timing, and scheduling. If the state does give our office a supply of COVID-nineteen vaccine, we volition notify patients directly. We volition plan to follow country guidelines regarding timing of assistants – basically planning to outset with our oldest patients and work backward past historic period. Please exist patient!

Delight support a COVID-xix Victim’s Family

COVID-xix has affected all of u.s.. Recently, The Master Care of Greatcoat Cod Family was directly touched with multiple staff members severely infected, as well as their families. On January 13, 2021, Nurse Claire Hogan from our office lost her husband, Chip, to COVID-xix. He was 62, and leaves backside children and grandchildren. This is a devastating state of affairs. We accept set a GoFundMe page, where anyone can donate any corporeality of coin, to assist support the sudden and unexpected financial costs of Flake’s passing. The money will go directly to Claire. Please click the following link LORING “CHIP” HOGAN MEMORIAL FUND – any donation, in any amount, is sincerely appreciated. Please stay safe, and proceed Claire and her family in your thoughts.


    Primary Care of Cape Cod has a limited supply of COVID-19 Antigen tests available. These are rapid tests to observe the presence of COVID-xix. These tests do not comply with Massachusetts DPH recommendations for travel clearance. IF YOU ARE A PATIENT, please telephone call the part 508-418-6600 to review the indications for COVID-nineteen testing, and to schedule your test. IF Y’all ARE NOT AN ESTABLISHED PATIENT, please click the following link COVID-19 Exam to schedule and pay for your test. For non-established patients, please note that the cost is at present $100 per swab, to assist encompass increased administrative and PPE costs. Delight exist patient while we accomodate the large volume of requests.

    • COVID-nineteen INFORMATION Canvass
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“Cure sometimes. Treat often. Comfort always.”

Though nosotros are a modern, independent practise, these ancient medical teachings govern us every mean solar day.

Nosotros’re Here For You

Annual Physical Exams

The almanac concrete exam is the cornerstone of primary care. We employ a team based approach to review acute and chronic issues, help coordinate routine health care maintenance, and provide guidance for ameliorate wellness.

Schedule your annual physical

Urgent Sick Visits

Delight telephone call us at 508-418-6600 so nosotros can get you into the function and go yous feeling better as soon as possible. Our quality team of professional person healthcare providers are here to assistance you when y’all need it most.

Call Now

Coordination of Chronic Weather condition

Follow upwards visits every bit needed for the maintenance and management of chronic problems such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol or COPD. Don’t struggle any longer managing your condition, permit us help.

Schedule a routine visit

Women’southward Wellness

From routine pap smears, breast exams, and full general counseling, to urgent evaluations for astute problems, our caring female person Nurse Practicioners and Doctor Administration are here for yous and your health.

Schedule an Appointment

Post Hospital Care Coordination

If you have recently been to an ER, Urgent Care Clinic, or admitted to a infirmary or skilled nursing facility, delight contact the states to aid coordinate your care later discharge. Please schedule an engagement with united states of america.

Schedule an Engagement

On-Site Convenient Testing

The PCCC LAB IS NOW Open! We can run most chief-intendance based tests right on-site with prompt, accurate results. You can volume lab appointments through the patient portal! Please call the office 508-418-6600 or e-mail through the patient portal to ask a team fellow member further questions.

Nosotros also offering on-site electrocardiography (ECG), spirometry testing, and injections of B12 or other medications.


  • Daniel Arnold, MD —
    Medical Director
  • Anne Marie Kelly, Medico —
  • Andrea Lyonnais, PA-C —
    Physician Assistant
  • Heather Malcomson, ANP-BC —
    Nurse Practitioner
  • Kelley Murphy, ANP-BC —
    Nurse Practitioner
  • Rebecca Saunders, FNP-BC —
    Nurse Practitioner
  • Melanie Beveridge, RN —
  • Fran Dillon, RN —
  • Allie Ellison, RN, BSN —
  • Bethany Emmel, RN, BSN —
  • Gisele Faria, RN, ASN —
  • Claire Hogan, LPN —
  • Harriett Lacey, RN, BA Ed. —
  • Benjamin Shaw, LPN —
  • Kyle Wolfe, RN —
  • Kristen Palmieri, MA —
    Lab Managing director
  • Sue Frageau, MA, CPT —
    Lab Technician
  • Tracy Brule —
    Authoritative Medical Assistant
  • Jo Colson —
    Administrative Medical Assistant
  • Pam Demayo, MA —
    Administrative Medical Assistant
  • Shaneen Gaffney —
    Scheduling Director
  • Kim McKellar —
    Part Manager
  • Carly Arnold —
    Principal Designer

Frequenty Asked Questions

Are yous taking new patients?

Not at this time. We are actively trying to recruit new providers. Please monitor this space for updates.

What are Nurse Practitioners and Medico Assistants?

NPs and PAs are vital parts of your overall primary intendance team. They will be the lead providers on a majority of your office visits, working directly with Dr. Arnold and Dr. Kelly to help coordinate your care. They are peculiarly focused on the management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, nutrition, weight management, exercise, women’due south health and mental health. Their cognition and compassion are superlative notch, and Dr. Arnold or Dr. Kelly are always available to assist, if needed. Never hesitate to book an appointment with i of our NPs or PAs.

Where practice I go lab work done?

PCCC opened a lab on site in 2020! Nosotros can draw blood and run about lab tests right in the part. Our current in-house lab can test: CBC, Bones and Comprehensive Metabolic Panels, Diabetic blood and urine tests, tests for Urinalysis, Cholesterol/Lipid panels, Thyroid panels, Prostate tests, Rapid Flu Tests, Rapid Strep Tests, INR/Coumadin testing, and a Congestive Center Failure lab (BNP). We are also performing rapid COVID-19 Antigen tests on site. Most tests volition be resulted same 24-hour interval, many tests within an 60 minutes (or quicker!). Nosotros can send all results to any specialists, and the cost of our labs is much less than near other local labs. We can also draw blood to send other tests to Quest, or CLAB, if needed. We recommend you book a lab appointment prior to your Almanac Concrete Exam – anywhere from a few hours to a few days prior volition piece of work! Y’all Tin can NOW Book LAB VISITS THROUGH THE PATIENT PORTAL! Please call the office 508-418-6600 or electronic mail through the patient portal to ask a team member further questions.

Do you offer onsite vaccines or injections?

We take express supplies of the Prevnar-twenty and Pneumovax-23 vaccines. Please call to inquire if yous are a candidate. Nosotros take ordered the 2022 seasonal flu vaccine, and are anticipating availability in September.

Where are you located, what about parking, and is the office ADA accessible?

89 Lewis Bay Road is directly across the street from the front door of Greatcoat Cod Hospital, in the brown iv story condo edifice. We accept our own parking lot – look for the signs for “89 Lewis Bay Court.” Patients are allowed to park anywhere in the lot. Our office is on the first level, on the right side of the courtyard. A ramp is bachelor on the left side of the courtyard. Nosotros have wheelchairs available. Delight call the office 508-418-6600 if you demand assist getting from your car into the office.

Exercise you offer home visits?

We are unable to suit recurring or chronic abode visits at this time.

What if I demand a refill on medication?

We strive to refill medications when face to confront at office visits. If schedules get in the way, y’all can request a nonurgent refill by either calling the role (link to phone number) or emailing through your patient portal. Please leave your name and appointment of birth, proper name of medication, dosage, frequency, amount requested, and the pharmacy information.

Please note that we need at least two business days to process refill requests. If you have not nonetheless established with the practice we will schedule an appointment to review all medications face to face.

Please also notation that any controlled medications require a face to face part visit for refills. This includes but is not express to: benzodiazepines (such as lorazepam/alprazolam/clonazepam), narcotics (including tramadol), testosterone replacement medication, and prescription sleep aids (such as ambien/zolpidem).

What if I need a referral?

All new referral requests crave an office visit. For established, follow upwards insurance referrals: please review at your next part visit, or make a request through your patient portal.

A specialist recommends my PCP order a test or image – what should I practice?

Make an appointment for an part visit and then we can review and go your testing ordered properly: 508-418-6600

Do you practise DOT or Declension Baby-sit Physicals?

We are not licensed to perform DOT or Declension Guard physicals at this time. Please monitor this site for updates.

Do you see walk-ins?

We want to meet you as soon as possible. Please call to schedule an appointment, and then we tin can best coordinate our staff and resources to accommodate you. 508-418-6600

Is Dr. Arnold the only doctor in the do?

No. Dr. Anne Marie Kelly joined Main Intendance of Cape Cod in 2019. Dr. Kelly was born in Baltimore, Maryland and is a graduate of Georgetown Academy. She obtained her medical degree from Academy of Maryland, and trained in Internal Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Kelly has 13 years’ experience in Internal Medicine practicing as a Hospital based attention of Internal Medicine at Cape Cod Hospital. She is a member of the American College of Physicians. She resides in Centerville, Massachusetts with her hubby and three children.

Who exercise I speak to if I have a question about my bill?

Patty Pepe and Jen Hicks are our wonderfull Billing Specialists. Please reach them at 508-418-3966. We appreciate your support and kindness toward Patty and Jen – we tin’t go along the lights on without them!

Tin can you lot explain the CPT codes on my bill from PCCC, and why practise I take a remainder?

Medical billing is very complicated. We transport CPT codes, based on the services we provided to yous, to your billing company. Your insurance visitor then decides how much they will pay PCCC, and what residual is left to you. We understand that the out of pocket costs of medical care are existence transferred more than and more to the patient. The toll of operating our practise is very high, and we appreciate your support. Copays should be paid at the fourth dimension of your visit (greenbacks, checks and major credit cards accepted). If you are unable to pay your entire residue at once, delight contact the function to discuss a payment programme.

Our most common CPT codes include, merely are not limited to:

  • 99213: a basic, quick office visit, normally limited to one simple medical problem
  • 99214: a more complex office visit, involving either an acute issue or review of multiple chronic issues
  • 99215: a very high risk visit, normally representing an acute, potentially unsafe issue
  • G0439: a Medicare Wellness Annual Concrete
  • 99395/99396: Almanac Physical Examination for patients anile eighteen-64
  • 99496: Transition of Care visit subsequently belch from a hospital

Virtually patients do not have to pay a copay for an Annual Physical Exam. However, if at your Annual Physical Exam you bring up new or astute issues that go beyond the standard bug reviewed during an Annual Physical, we may add a 99213 or 99214 code to your Physical CPT code. This may end up leaving you with a copay for your visit, depending on your insurance company’s policies.

Other services for which we bill include but are not limited to EKGs, urinalysis testing, spirometry testing, and Advance Care Planning.

Is the practice part of Cape Cod Healthcare?

Nosotros are an independent do. We are members of the Cape Cod Preferred Physicians, a grouping that coordinates insurance contracts and referral services. We support and encourage our patients to utilize services of Cape Cod Healthcare, including the ospecialists, testing facilities, Cape Cod Infirmary and Falmouth Hospital.

Exercise y’all round at Cape Cod Infirmary?

Our patients are admitted to the Hospitalist Service at Cape Cod Hospital. We volition monitor your hospital course, exercise our best to coordinate information while you are in the infirmary, and to coordinate your intendance subsequently discharge. MOLST

Contact Us

Primary Care of Cape Cod
89 Lewis Bay Road, Suite 4
Hyannis, MA 02601

Phone: 508-418-6600

Fax: 508-796-2177

Office Hours:

Phones: Monday—Friday 7am—4pm, Lunch from 12:00—12:30pm daily

Visits Scheduled: Monday—Friday 7am—5pm

Please check with role for Saturday hours.

Primary Care of the Treasure Coast Patient Portal


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