Po Box 1984 Nashville Tn 37202

Po Box 1984 Nashville Tn 37202

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  • Mail Guild Disposable Medical Supplies

    Mail Order Disposable Medical Supplies

    Are you lot very decorated?

    Why wait in lines at pharmacies and medical supply stores?

    Better Living Now is your one-stop shop to get all of your medical supplies, prescription and over-the-counter medications, vitamins & supplements, daily living aids and and then, much more delivered direct to your door. No more waiting in lines.

    With ane telephone call, we tin can supply ALL of your healthcare needs!

    BLN is a leading national total service mail order dispensable medical supply, pharmacy, and durable medical equipment delivery and maintenance company with a facility right here in your back thou. Come visit our Walk-in Showroom!

  • Plan Features


    At No Additional Cost To You

    FAST Home Commitment of All Your Prescriptions, Dispensable Medical Supplies and Home Medical Equipment

    Benefit from Diabetes and Asthma Health Improvement Programs

    Wellness Didactics and Support

    Refill Reminder Service

    Near Major Medical and Pharmacy Insurance Plans Accepted

    Well-nigh No Paperwork

    Gratuitous* Blood Glucose Monitor Upgrades

    Full Service Pharmacy – Easily Drop Off and Pick Upwards Your Prescriptions

    Home Medical Equipment

    Fast complimentary commitment of a full line of Home Medical Equipment (due east.thou., Elevator Chairs, Scooters and Power Wheelchairs) delivered correct to your home complete with maintenance and repair services.

    Medical Supplies

    BLN offers a total and ever-expanding catalog of medical supplies in order to meet your needs. Whether its diabetes testing supplies, Insulin Pumps/CGMs and Supplies, CGMs, asthma, wound care, ostomy, tracheostomy, urological, or incontinence, we can aid y’all.

    Instruction Textile

    Personalized Service and Support

    Our staff of Clinical Pharmacists, Certified Diabetes Educators, Respiratory Therapists, Nurses and professionals are ever available to answer any questions and address whatever wellness concerns that yous have. Our first priority is your well-beingness, so we will ever follow up until you experience confident using the medications, supplies, or medical equipment you take received.

    Full Service Pharmacy

    BLN’s Clinical Pharmacists can handle all of your prescription needs. With options like a full ninety-day supply and Prescription Reminder Service, you never have to think most running out of your much-needed medications or getting your new prescriptions in a timely mode.

    Specialty Pharmacy

    Prescription medications that are used to treat complex or chronic medical conditions.

    Our Specialty Pharmacy service reduces the cost of cocky-administered and part administered injectable drugs as well equally other high cost major medical drug therapies.

    *No Cost Meter offering applies to qualified Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance beneficiaries with diabetes and dependent on enrollment. Co-payments and/or deductibles and some restrictions employ. Meter offer non applicable to all brands of meters. NO CASH Buy NECESSARY. While offer valid.

  • Program Products

    Diabetes / Claret Glucose Management

    Blood Glucose Monitors and Supplies

    Dispensable Claret Glucose Meter with Test Strips

    Control Solutions, Blood Glucose Scale

    Blood Glucose Test Strips

    Lancet Devices


    Continuous Blood Glucose Monitors (CGM)

    Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor Supplies (Sensors)

    HbA1c Test Kits

    Glucose Tablets

    Glucose Chew Tabs & Gels

    Diabetic Socks

    Diabetic OTC Medicine

    Diabetic Carrying Cases, Wallets, and Protectors

    Medical Alert Jewelry

    Impotence Aid Device

    Glucerna Products

    Sugar Substitute

    Sharps Containers and Disposal

    Insulin Pump Therapy

    Diabetes Books, Self Care Education, Cookbooks, etc.

    Blood Glucose Monitoring Misc. (Software, Cables, etc.)

    Blood Glucose Monitoring Supplies

    Skin Care Products

    Diabetes Clothing and Accessories

    Diabetes Creams and Lotions

    Diabetic Nail Intendance (Pedicure, Manicure Kits)

    Diabetic Shoe Inserts – Moldable

    Diabetic Shoes, Men”s

    Diabetic Shoes, Men”s Casual Comfort

    Diabetic Shoes, Women”southward

    Diabetic Shoes, Women”s Casual Condolement

    Diabetes Sugar-Free Candy

    Diabetes Supermarket

    Medication Aids

    Sterilization Products

    Ostomy Supplies

    Adhesive or Not-adhesive; Deejay or Foam Pad

    Agglutinative Remover Wipes

    Adhesives, Liquid or Equal

    Apparatus Cleaner, Incontinence & Ostomy Appliances

    Irrigation Supply; Sleeve

    Ostomy Chugalug

    Ostomy Chugalug w/ Peristomal Hernia Support

    Ostomy Clamp

    Ostomy Deodorant for use In Ostomy Pouch, Solid

    Ostomy Deodorant Liq west/ or w/o Lubricant, for utilize in Ost Pch

    Ostomy Faceplate

    Ostomy Filters

    Ostomy Irrigation Supply, Pocketbook

    Ostomy Irrigation Supply, Cone/Catheter w/ Brush

    Ostomy Supplies – Pouch – Miscellaneous

    Ostomy Pouch, Airtight, with Barrier Fastened w/Convexity

    Ostomy Pouch, Drainable, for use on Faceplate, Plastic

    Ostomy Pouch, Drainable, for use on Faceplate, Rubber

    Ostomy Pouch, Drainable, w/ Barrier Attached west/ Convexity

    Ostomy Pouch, Drainable, due west/ Ext Habiliment Barrier Att w/Convexity

    Ostomy Pouch, Drainable, with Extended Habiliment Barrier Att

    Ostomy Pouch, Drainable, with Faceplate Attached, Plastic

    Ostomy Pouch, Drainable, with Faceplate Fastened, Rubber

    Ostomy Pouch, Urinary, for use on Faceplate, Plastic

    Ostomy Pouch, Urinary, for use on Faceplate, Rubber

    Ostomy Pouch, Urinary, w/ Ext Wearable Barrier Att

    Ostomy Pouch, Urinary, west/ Ext Clothing Barrier Att due west/Convexity

    Ostomy Pouch, Urinary, westward/ Std Wear Barrier Att w/Convexity

    Ostomy Pouch, Urinary, with Faceplate Attached, Plastic

    Ostomy Pouch, Urinary, with Faceplate Attached, Rubber

    Ostomy Supplies – Wafer (Skin Barrier) – Miscellaneous

    Ostomy Skin Bulwark, Liquid (Spray, Brush, Etc.)

    Ostomy Supplies – Paste – Miscellaneous

    Ostomy Peel Bulwark, Non-Pectin Based, Paste

    Ostomy Skin Barrier, Pectin Based, Paste

    Ostomy Pare Barrier, Powder

    Ostomy Skin Barrier, Solid 4X4 or Equivalent Ext Vesture

    Ostomy Skin Barrier, w/Flange (Sol,Flx,Accordance) w/Convexity

    Ostomy Supplies – Cream

    Ostomy Supplies – Kit

    Ostomy Supplies – Liquid

    Ostomy Supplies – Misc

    Ostomy Supplies – Oint

    Ostomy Supplies – Powder

    Ostomy Supplies – Strip

    Ostomy Supplies – Tabs

    Peel Barriers, Wipes or Swabs

    Stoma Caps

    Tubing, Drainage Tubing

    Ostomy Vent

    Ostomy Intendance – Printed Materials

    Tracheostomy Care Supplies

    Tracheostomy Intendance

    Moisture Exchanger, Disposable, for apply with Invasive Mechanical Ventilation

    Tracheostoma, Adhesive Disc for Estrus & Exchange Sys or Valve

    Tracheostoma, Filter, Whatsoever Blazon, Any Size

    Tracheostoma, Filter for use w/ Tracheostoma HME Systems

    Tracheostoma, Filter Holder and integrated Filter due west/o Adhesive

    Tracheostoma, Filter Holders/Filter Caps, apply with HME System

    Tracheostoma, Estrus & Wet Substitution Organisation Housing w/ Adhesive

    Tracheostoma, Housing, Reusable westward/o Adhesive use w/Heat & Exchange

    Tracheostomy Care Kit

    Tracheostomy Cleaning Castor

    Tracheostomy Mask

    Tracheostomy Shower Protector

    Tracheostomy Stent/Stud/Push

    Tracheostomy Tube Collar/Holder

    Tracheostomy Tubes – Misc

    Tracheostomy/Laryngectomy, Adjustment Kit

    Tracheostomy/Laryngectomy, Misc ie Cleaning and Storgae Box

    Tracheostomy/Laryngectomy, Tube Plug/Stop

    Tracheostomy Tubes

    Mastectomy Care Boutique

    Breast Prosthesis, Mastectomy Forms

    Breast Prosthesis Garment, With Mastectomy Form, Mail Mastectomy

    Breast Prosthesis, Mastectomy Forms, Lightweight

    Breast Prosthesis, Mastectomy Sleeve

    Breast Prosthesis, Silicone or Equal, with Integral Adhesive

    Chest Prosthesis, Silicone or Equal, without Adhesive

    Mastectomy Bathing Suits / Swimwear

    Mastectomy Brassieres

    Mastectomy Sports Bra”southward

    Mastectomy Surgical Support Bra”southward

    Mastectomy Intendance Products – Miscellaneous

    Scarves, Turbans and Accessories

    Lymphedema / Compression Garments

    Lymphedema / Pinch Therapy and Compression Pumps

    Compression Stockings

    Gloves And Gauntlets

    Mastectomy Arm Sleeve / Compression Sleeve

    Beauty and Fragrance

    Female Personal Products

  • Website Features

    Access your account history and reorder any supplies with a click of a button

    Access and update your customer contour, including insurance information

    Access extensive educational materials

    Bill covered health care products directly to your insurance

    Purchase non-covered health care products at discounted prices

    Receive emails from Amend Living Now to stay in the know for society confirmations, “Refill Reminders”, quarterly sales and specials, upcoming events, classes and more than

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Po Box 1984 Nashville Tn 37202

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