RiseBoro’s homecare services are provided by our coalition of certified and trained Domicile Health Aides (HHAs), who ensure that every homecare customer receives the highest quality of personal care and designated health related services.

Why Piece of work for RiseBoro?

We Provide Competitive Benefits

We listen to our HHAs to find out what is needed for success and so nosotros deliver. RiseBoro HHAs receive benefits, support, and leadership to create the virtually positive work environs possible. All RiseBoro Home Wellness Aides (HHAs) receive competitive pay, wellness insurance, paid fourth dimension off, flexible schedules, and 1199 SEIU benefits. And bank check out Enhanced Benefits to see even more benefits recently added!

We Are Mission Driven

Rise with us! Be part of an organization whose mission is to unleash the potential of communities to thrive, no matter the odds.

We Brand an Touch on

Not only do our HHAs have a pregnant positive impact on our homecare clients, just RiseBoro strives to have that same bear on on the careers of our HHAs – providing each and every one with the tools to succeed and grow.

We Build Trust

RiseBoro has over ii,000 employees from the communities it serves, having built decades of trust within these communities as an employer and provider of essential services.

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Enhanced Benefits

At RiseBoro we had discussions with our Habitation Health Aides and held focus groups to talk to you, and more importantly, to heed to yous. We heard you, nosotros know what y’all want, and we are working hard to deliver information technology in order to brand RiseBoro Homecare the preferred employer for Domicile Health Aides

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We are excited to announced enhanced benefits, support and leadership for our HHAs

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  • Commuter Benefit Plan (pre-taxation benefit)
    • HHAs may enroll in this program which allows for pre- and mail service-taxation contributions to an account for qualified mass transit and parking expenses, as defined past Section 132 of the Internal Revenue Code.  Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year.
  • Referral program
    • Cash incentive for electric current employees after successful HHA referral
    • One-month unlimited MetroCard to all new HHA hired
  • Access to a disbelieve marketplace (Working Advantage)
    • All RiseBoro employees can take reward of discounts on the appurtenances and services you lot purchase.  Through this programme, yous will be able to access savings and discounts on electronics, apparel, groceries, special events and more than while helping support local businesses.  Only register by visiting the Working Advantage website and inbound your RiseBoro email.

Support & Safety

  • Enhanced Training
  • Scrubs: Branded scrubs are provided + the opportunity to buy boosted scrubs at cost
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided
  • Dedicated safe team to manage COVID and other safe related concerns


  • Potent and supportive leadership team with decades of feel in the healthcare industry

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At RiseBoro Homecare, nosotros believe that our team members are our biggest competitive advantage. As we continue to grow, we are always looking for new talent that understands our civilization and commitment to driving positive results for our homecare clients.

In order to be a RiseBoro Domicile Wellness Aide (HHA) you must take the post-obit qualifications:

  1. Home Health Aide Certification through a Department of Health approved (DOH) certifying agency
  2. Be Reliable
  3. Be Professional person
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For more than information on applying to be an HHA or how to get certified, delight fill up out our
contact class.

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