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Https Webapps7 Doc State Nc Us Dcccheckin Offenderlogin Htm

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Management Information Systems

OPUS user comments

Ballard Hibbs, Hyde Correctional Center:

In reference to case direction: OPUS provides like shooting fish in a barrel admission to the client’s dossier, including their nowadays/past case management notes, reviews, disciplinary deportment, merit and gaintime,and assignment history. Access to his educational file has facilitated counseling equally well as establishing short/long term goals. OPUS allows me instant information that is in-depth,like shooting fish in a barrel to read and timely. Additionally information technology allows me to brand changes in the offender file with piddling or no difficulty.

Sam Newman, NC Department of Correction Controller

Trouble resolution – Information entered at the facility in OPUS is immediately bachelor for viewing by the Controller’s Role. This allows the Controller’s office the opportunity to provide boosted back up to the facility on resolving bug. Previously, Inmate Trust Fund information entered at the facility was but available from the facility on their personal reckoner.

Eliminate inmate transfer checks – The menstruation of information betwixt facilities has been enhanced by OPUS. This was achieved by consolidating xc-ii sets of books into ane set of books in Inmate Banking Organization. The need to transfer inmate funds by check from facility to facility has been eliminated by a elementary journal entry.

Reduce the number of weekly draws – The menses of information betwixt systems has been enhanced by OPUS. An electronic transfer of funds betwixt two systems on OPUS has eliminated the Work Release weekly draw. Prior to OPUS, facilities had to manually process two draws. One of the draws was from the inmate’s work release business relationship and the other draw was from the trust account.

Medical cost containment – Records concerning an inmate’southward medical price will soon be bachelor on OPUS. Shortly, medical bills paid past the department on behalf of the inmate are stored on database in the Controller’south Office. This information is not readily bachelor to Health Services to monitor an inmate’s medical price. Once the medical cost information is entered on OPUS, Health Services tin can easily monitor the inmates’ price on a case by case ground.

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Superintendent Toney Stamey, Foothills Correctional Institution:

Foothills Correctional Institution, a close custody youth facility, with a 96 bed Residential Mental Health Unit, houses upwards to 712 inmates. With this size facility, access to inmate records and information was not always convenient nor feasible. However, with the implementation of OPUS, all staff with the proper security clearance and a terminal tin can view the inmate’s records and pertinent information about the inmate. Information on inmates housed at other facilities waiting for transfer can be viewed prior to receiving the inmate. Disciplinaries can exist viewed as early equally the “assignment of the investigation” phase. Approvals are now on-line, therefore seeing quicker results on actions. Paperwork, which could exist delayed or lost in the mail is at present handled on-line, which also speeds up the approving procedure.

Staff who are away from the units tin go along to monitor their workloads and handle emergency approvals, etc. with the use of a last. Information previously known to a few, can at present be viewed by staff with the proper security clearance (i.e. example management notes, inmate appointments, pending charges/WRITS, etc.).

Superintendent Dean Walker, Marion Correctional Establishment:

The use of OPUS has proved beneficial to Marion Correctional Institution’s operations by allowing direction staff to review the duty requirements of some staff and freeing up of staff time to complete other duties. For instance, we had a file clerk who spent her time filing paperwork in inmate jackets. With OPUS, the information is entered direct into the computer and there’s less to file in the inmate’s jackets. When this person accustomed a promotion we were able to reassign her remaining duties to other clerks and converted that position to a much needed preparation position. Thus OPUS immune the facility to gain a needed position without hurting the nowadays operation.

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John Beatty, Segmentation of Prisons Program Services

The OPUS organization of the Inmate Jobs & Programs section (IJP) provides a excellent management tool that provides on-manus information:

  1. views of each facility’south job/plan structure which shows the total allocations verses full inmates assigned;

  2. provides difficult copy and screen reports on Inmate Overtime information, Job & Program Action attendance or by individual inmate, Chore & Program rosters either by activity or supervisor.

  3. provides current daily population information for overall division or by commands and or regions with breakdowns by race, gender, custody and activity totals;

  4. provides as needed information that shows number of facilities that offer certain activities like ABE or number of inmates assigned to the same particular chore assignment for comparison.

  5. the turn effectually time for update facilities program structures has gone from as much as 2 weeks to few days. These changes are in “real fourth dimension”.

Pender Correctional Institution

J. Five. Turlington “I am enlightened that staff efficiency has improved at present that they have more than data, tin can access information technology quickly and know information technology is right. What I am hearing are fewer complaints about gain fourth dimension, merit fourth dimension, promotions and demotions, accuracy of records, frequency of example management contact, and situations that reflect tracking problems. In my book, fewer problems equal OPUS.”

Agnes Aller, Nurse Supervisor, “Information technology’due south fabulous. We can track cases like never before. It’s dandy.”

Ray Krynicki, PAII-Caseworker, “It has made my job easier, and there are no files to lug effectually.”

Janet Brock, Office Banana-Records Office Supervisor, “It’s good. I just wish people would use it to provide more than information about inmates.”

Susan White, Program Director, “It’s wonderful. All the information you need is in that location. It saves time on inquiry and is a nifty tool for contact audits.”

Barry Ritter, Correctional Officer, “Information technology has made my job easier. All the information I need to do my job is now at my fingertips. I wish we had information technology sooner.”

Teresa Stone in Combined Records

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Nosotros are at present able to retrieve up-to-date data on a daily footing, which aids u.s.a. in answering telephone inquires and correspondence faster. The release process is handled more effectively now. The process of ones record is at present done daily, and release dates are calculated much more than rapidly. OPUS has decreased the amount of filing material, and the pulling of jackets for the Parole Board, Classification, Work Release and Etc. The correcting of information is instant now. OPUS has decreased the out going mail to the Facilities.

Superintendent Ed McMichael, Neuse Correctional Institution

OPUS has increased the response time to questions from inmates, family, and victims of crime. Information technology allows for a more complete and accurate response to news media, law enforcement, attorneys, and other interested parties. Information technology has made for more effective management of each inmates case. With more than reliable and up-to-engagement data, I believe we are making more timely and better decisions. With experience we have made modifications to improve the performance of OPUS.

Management Data Systems

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Https Webapps7 Doc State Nc Us Dcccheckin Offenderlogin Htm


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