Crystal Coast Pain Management Patient Portal

Crystal Coast Pain Management Patient Portal

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Services We Offer

Crystal Coast Pain Direction Center offers a comprehensive range of services for patients with astute or chronic hurting.

Reclaim Your Life

Persistent discomfort or pain may stem from an injury, affliction or other cause and may trigger other problems, including mood changes, fatigue and loss of appetite.



Providing the Help You Need

Without an accurate diagnosis, it’s difficult to discover an constructive specific treatment for the pain. Nosotros use diagnostic studies, physical exam, a detailed history of the pain, along with careful evaluation of by medical records, evaluation of past treatments.



Medical Procedures

We use a diverseness of land-of-the-art procedures and pain treatment options to assist yous.


How To Book An Appointment

To book an appointment with CCPM, please review the following steps:


ane Referral

You must accept a referral from your primary care provider or another specialist.


ii Review

CCPM will review the referral data and then collect all neccessary documents. In some cases, CCPM will need to contact you to get more information.


3 Schedule

Once the review proccess is approved, CCPM agents volition contact you to book an appointment.

Referring Providers

Referring providers, please fax referral forms to

252-772-9994 or contact our part to ready referral.



Without an accurate diagnosis, it’south difficult to detect an effective specific treatment for the pain. Nosotros use diagnostic studies, physical test, a detailed history of the pain, forth with careful evaluation of past medical records, evaluation of past treatments.



CCPM will provide the best treament for your condition. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate your pain.

Treatment Options

We will develop and coordinate an individual treatment program for your pain with the goal of improving your office and helping alleviate your pain.

  • Procedure Based Treatments
  • Medication
  • Leading Edge Technologies

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Your Relief Starts Here

List of Procedures

We volition develop and coordinate an individual treatment programme for your pain with the goal of improving your function and helping convalesce your pain.

Epidural Spinal Injection/Joint Injection

An Epidural Spinal Injection (ESI) is a minimally invasive process that can help relieve neck, arm, back, and leg pain caused by inflamed spinal nerves.

Sacroiliac Joint
Greater Trochanter Bursa

Spinal Cord Stimulator

Spinal cord stimulation is a therapy that masks hurting signals before they reach the brain. A modest device, similar to a pacemaker, is implanted in the trunk to evangelize electrical pulses to the spinal cord. It helps patients better manage their chronic pain symptoms and decrease the use of opioid medications. It may be an option if you suffer chronic back, leg or arm pain and take not constitute relief with other therapies.

Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is a procedure used to reduce hurting. An electrical current produced by a radio moving ridge is used to estrus up a small area of nervus tissue, thereby decreasing pain signals from that specific area.


COOLIEF is a not-invasive, out-patient treatment that uses cooled radiofrequency technology to safely treat chronic pain. This is also known as “cooled radiofrequency therapy.”


Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty are similar medical spinal procedures in which bone cement is injected through a modest hole in the skin into a fractured vertebra with the goal of relieving dorsum pain caused by vertebral compression fractures.

team members


Our CCPMC team offers the latest cut-border technology and treatment options available to better care for our patients.




Dr. Zachary Kitchen



Dr. Debra McCutcheon



Dr. Courtney Auman




What our Patients say?

Information technology is our goal to provide infrequent care and service to our patients.



Wonderful staff, excellent service. Thanks and so very much! Thanks greatly to my primary intendance provider for referring me to CCPM and for Dr. Harum’s amazing care. Go on upwards the slap-up piece of work.

I have been suffering with low back pain for years and I was very nervous virtually having injections done to my spine. I had an excellent feel with CCPM. Later I had my first injection (Lumbar Facet joint block) I felt amazing and spent the following weekend camping and hiking with my family. Give thanks you!

Dr. Auman is the all-time doctor I take e’er been to. I would highly recommend her to people. I would besides similar to thank the function staff who scheduled my injection. My occipital headaches are completely gone.

What people Oftentimes Asked

Find the answers you lot’re looking for…

Crystal Coast Pain Management (CCPM) is a squad of highly qualified professional physicians defended to helping ease patient chronic pain problems. We are composed of four anesthesiologists, 1 physiatrist, and three eye-level providers who have special grooming in the diagnosis and treatment of neck and back pain and other pain atmospheric condition. All of our physicians have fellowship training or have their board certifications in their principal specialty and in Pain Management.

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At Crystal Coast Pain Direction many handling options include: X-ray guided spinal injections Epidural steroid injections, Radio-frequency ablations for back, cervix and shoulder hurting, Sympathetic blocks for nerve pain, SInergy® for sacroiliac pain, Balmy® for lumbar spinal stenosis, Trigger bespeak injections for musculus pain, Spinal cord stimulators for astringent and chronic neuropathic pain, Discography for diagnosis of disc pain, as well as medication management, PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy, and Adult stalk cell therapy

We specialize in the handling of spine disorders such equally spinal stenosis, herniated disc, sciatica, circuitous regional hurting syndrome, cervical and lumbar facet joint pain, lumbar disc pain (discogenic pain), sacroiliac pain, degenerative joint disease and joint pain, musculoskeletal pain, vertebral compression fracture, spinal fracture, pain caused by neuropathy and other chronic pain atmospheric condition.

Your first visit to CCPM will be a detailed consultation with one of our physicians. The dr. will review your medical records, xrays, accept a detailed history of your hurting condition and examine y’all. He volition then discuss treatment options and determine the best care for yous. We will stay in contact with your referring doctor while you are being treated at CCPM.

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Crystal Coast Pain Management Patient Portal


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